Friday, April 29, 2016

Domestic death is mostly caused by?????

   Gravity, silly. More people die from falling around the home than all other causes of death. As long as everyone doesn't go Hollywood and full auto and artillery in frustration. The Congress, as with the Affordable Care Act, refuses to pass a law or repeal the current law of gravity, we are doomed.

   Being an older old man I have a great fear of falling, on the motorcycle, from a ladder... heck, even the thought of falling at the YMCA has had me about three years of clutching with one hand the lockers as I draw on my pants when I put a foot through the leg holes. Until yesterday, yesterday I stood on both feet, held the underwear or trousers with both hands and stuck my feet through one at a time... without leaning on a wall or anything.  I think the skills and flexibility have been waiting on my mind to smother my fears of falling, or maybe that bloated belly had to get out of the way... such an ugly picture in my mind (luckily I don't watch it just do it). Sure enough, I did it twice again this morning feel younger already.

At the church two weeks ago I caught a very well used Bible, and took a picture of it.  The brother is wearing it out well. End of the month tomorrow, and May Day is Sunday, the Communists will march, no telling what North Korea will do.

Just defeated the last two independent tribes on my wargame,  Time for more coffee and breakfast and the news then off to the YMCA for socializing, sweating, and pushing all my limits except in thought and spirit. Have to get the weed wacker out for edging this afternoon, maybe even cut the grass and clean the gutters... well, that is enough good intentions for today. Be good because anything else is a waste of effort and will mark us as sinners instead of saints.

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  1. Glad the flexibility is coming back! That and the balance are good things!