Thursday, November 19, 2015

War Crimes...

  The only way to defeat the faithful is to kill them all. The ISIS people know that, and are willing to kill all that don't believe the way they do, they are also prepared to die for their faith. 

  Western Civilized fools think that everyone can be bought, comforted and motivated by false idols, the real faithful with a link to their God, will die to follow His teachings and commandments, they are also only a small part of the mass of Western Civilized fools.

  So in the clash of two groups of humans, normally escalating to conflict and homicide and genocide quickly lots of innocent will perish and little comfort gained nor given.

  The idea that any government will be better than God's Kingdom, is lost when the truth is not to be found.  So y'all have fun with the idea that you can contain evil, especially when evil has been a rotting foundation of the progressive secularism in western civilization... sad.

  While driving today, I saw a bumper sticker for Hillary on a car in front of me, and immediately felt sad, knowing there are that many fools around that will vote for her, no matter how flawed she is and not prepared for the job... but then I had to consider, it has always been that way.  Especially when we think someone else has the answer to our troubles... instead of addressing them, finding personal solutions and making our world much better.

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