Friday, November 20, 2015

I am not alarmed, but I am certain no one in government can protect us...

  Too true, the special elite people in New York, Chicago, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other gun controlled cities have nothing to fear from terrorists of any type.  It isn't like we have an Arch Duke riding around town waiting to be attacked a second time on the same day... The elite, special folks have everything they need to protect themselves.

  Now for everyone else, and you know who you are, there are borders that are crossed constantly with undocumented terrorists, murderers and rapists and thugs - daily. There are also good people coming across that same border preyed upon by government forces and gangs of bad guys... no one cares about them or you sitting watching WWE, you just don't need protection, an another voter and tax payer is coming in that same group of unchecked and undocumented and unasked for.

  The drugs and the labor are coming because they will be purchased, if someone had sex to sell they could be here and selling it, too.  The government doesn't care about any of that unless it affects the elite, their positions of power, or some voting block. Because we, the country, has an open heart and fat wallets the government by design fails to protect the people so they can heighten the fears of the few.  The undocumented fear being caught, not making enough money, and being preyed upon by gangs that know they have little protection from deportation, and also that Trump won't become President and who ever does will not change the borders nor all the illegal terrible stuff crossing it, because they won't be touched by it.

  Now if I were wanting to strike fear in America, which has been fat, happy and fed pap by the media and the political and elite classes, I would get teams in and strike symbols of all the evil power America has over the entire world, but do it in their backyard.  Forcing them to repress and restrict the people that thought they were free, living in liberty, trust and civilization.

   America the idea will die in fear, run by bigots, fascists, and repressive elites that have always protected themselves and lied and oppressed the people, as taught by college professors that believe in Marx.  This is a never ending battle, as long as media makes money keeping your attention on the blood in our streets, the Americans killed while enjoying the best hotels overseas, or embassy staff or real fighting heroes that go down swinging - well, what strokes the terrorists leaders ego is the death toll, the same thing that gives our media something to fill with talk, vigorous debate about how to protect the quivering bunny rabbit populations of the civilized society...  and the government is made up of people that can be handled to deny certain political groups status in the IRS, or large tax debt to go unpaid and unpunished - that same government that doesn't make the same rules for everyone is not capable of closing the border, rounding up all the undocumented, finger printing and getting a DNA sample and a name and giving them a government ID as an Unfortunate Wanderer. Then help them, tax them and hang them if they break the law.  We are all, unfortunate wanderers, those that are citizens may vote, those that want to become citizens may have to apply from their home country, but the government is broken, ineffective and often cruelly incompetent so it may never happen.

  I have changed my mind, allow the refugees in - there are 11 million UW folks here the government only needs to cause problems or help us already.. a few hundred thousand terrorists among a million or so refugees will likely be okay when offset by the value of the good refugees that stay and raise a family and work their life away for the next generation. Really, how many communists came over from Cuba, Vietnam and other countries? How many war criminals did we accept not knowing? Most of them don't turn into gangsters... they may become politicians.  For sure there are organizations that will help them vote long before they get citizenship.


  1. Hopefully that was tongue in cheek... I'd go for the women, kids and elderly, but NOT 18-40 year old males...

  2. Hopefully that was tongue in cheek... I'd go for the women, kids and elderly, but NOT 18-40 year old males...