Monday, March 16, 2015

This week is going to be different...

  Starts off like most weeks, my wife is gone hiking with her crew of friends, and I have some more writing to do on the Appleseed COI, Call to Acton, and then smoothing the performance down to the essentials. One of the other Shoot Bosses sent me his pre- April 1775 History. And it was really long, covers most of what I do, and MORE, so I see how he would want to see mine which I can read in less than ten minutes - just enough information to set the stage and allow the listener to research on their own. Very much like our marksmanship presentation - all the basic information and practice with live rounds, then we send them home to practice dry and get polished on each position and shot.

I have been kicking around a Presidential write in campaign, for 2016, just everyone write in "William Earl Dungey" because they just need to know that there are people not voting for public fools, just personal and private ones.

There is my official announcement, write my name in if you can't find a real leader to elect, and for sure just keep passing that message along - kind of like Paul Revere telling everyone 'the regulars are out', with the internet it should be even easier.  I suppose I should have a standard to explain what I have as core beliefs and my concept of being the Chief Executive. I will get back to y'all about that soon.

  Starting this evening the preparation for tomorrow's operation, small removal of a cyst filled with joint lubricant, and out patient kind of thing. I believe I will be doing light office work until the Known Distance Appleseed in Eagle Creek, Oregon - this weekend. The weekend after I have duties in Ariel, Washington instructing at another Appleseed. The ammunition is getting back on the store shelves, get some and sign up to learn about marksmanship, history and our heritage, the American Rifleman.