Friday, February 6, 2015

So what is my excuse... Oh, I wasn't shot down in a helicopter in Iraq...

 There just had to be a reason I am not famous, aside from the fact my mother really hoped I would be humble - it would have made her so proud.

  I should be on the road to the YMCA, but like many part-time bloggers, a few words on Facebook and some comments and emails in the cyberspaces we haunt, there is no passion to get my message out.

  I am in the midst of rebuilding our life inside the home, new ISP (if I ever get connected), new phone service at the same number, new insulated garage doors with opener (which means I have to move all the junk and motorcycle to other areas - lovely). estimated time to completion is about six weeks which is two Appleseed events and one local competition shoot away. I could have counted the number of weekly garbage pick ups or something else. The truck is rumbling along the street now, lots of noises.

  Second cup of coffee, I did make it strong today, felt dehydrated yesterday so tanked up when I got home.  There are a couple pieces of furniture that will make my living a little better. And since I am up, if I plan and build it better the whole thing will be cool. Kind of a Spring time build the nest better feeling or something. The turning off computers has really loosened the chains and it is time to get going. Signed up for nine Revolutionary War Veterans Association events through June. Need to get the word out that by going to the RWVA forum you, too, can find a fine place to learn something about history and marksmanship with good people.

   Not doing things the normal way, is either going to get me deeper into the rut, or over the edge into the new one in another direction. Life is built on choices, may all of yours be wonderful, for mine have just amazed me.


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  1. Good for you Earl! Progress is a good thing... and updates are also a GOOD thing!