Saturday, January 31, 2015

So January is almost over, go shooting with anyone, why not?

  If a well regulated militia is necessary for the security of Free State --- why haven't you gone shooting with someone. Rumor has it that the Swiss did, I know I did this morning.

  It is difficult to convince some people to spend some time away on a range shooting targets, some folks are looking for other things to do and conquer.  But finally, one of the men from church decided he would go with me to the range and we had a great time. He and I learned many things, about ammunition, shooting and each other. One down, many others to work on next.

  We did go early enough to get positions and targets, sure enough there was a waiting list for most of the morning. I don't think the movie is driving the desire to shoot, I still think that many got some improvement in shooting device or a rifle for Christmas and a settling in, and zeroing. We started out on sighting squares and found his ammunition wasn't powering his Ruger 10/22, it was only 750 fps, and recommended for competition indoor ranges and bolt action. He changed to Blazer and everything worked better, but now he was shooting high. Adjustments are the thing.

  When I had settled down and zeroed the Stevens 414 Armory model, single shot target rifle from 1907? I switch to shooting  a Classification AQT, the RWVA green coat. Twenty round, five per target, and on the first time through I marked in a shingle for the fun of it. My first target was 204, still a bit looser than I wanted. But then I did nail the Shingle low center, surrounded by black. Put up another Classification AQT, without the shingle and just twenty rounds and my good intentions I scored 232 of  possible 250. I was happy but chilling, temperature was dropping while the fog had lifted and long since breakfast and I hadn't dressed heavy. I changed to the Marlin Liberty Training Rifle, and loaded three magazines with five rounds each and shot at the orange center of the target. High left - change the sights (it had been used as a loaner) and then shoot again. Had a great time. Total, about a hundred rounds for me, eighty or so for him, all rounds made in Lewiston, ID, ammunition capital of the Great Northwest. Yes, they were all on target and safe.

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  1. 232 is a GREAT day Earl! I got to the range twice in Jan, which is pretty good for the east coast and outdoor ranges! :-)