Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Words do matter and maybe the White House it correct...

Terrorists are trying to make me afraid, very afraid. So much so that I will change my life to protect myself from their attempts to destroy my loves. But then, isn't the media participating? Doesn't the media say that only professionals are prepared to protect those things of value and my loves... if they thought my loves were worth protecting anyway.

So the White House doesn't want me, or anyone else to say that a commissioned officer attacking at Fort Hood, was not a Jihadist nor a Terrorist, but just a disgruntled employee.... yeah, right.

What I think they all are - are demon possessed humans - led astray by other Satanic followers that are distorting the Koran... which I haven't time to study, since I am still fully engaged in Bible study, have years to go on that one.

So, say a prayer asking for intervention, to cast the demons out into the swine herd to drown, and shoot straight killing the poor infected person, hopefully on their way to Heaven with a clean soul.

A jihad is a war of defense of  Islam, but like all GOOD reasons for some kind of action, it will be abused by political leaders for their own purposes. A Crusade is to take up the cross (Christianity) to defend against those wanting to attack that religion -- historically the people out to convert the world to Islam, or against the NAZIs in WWII. The idea of Israel as a nation is only worrisome to the Arabs, because as a democracy with capitalism and religious tolerance (read almost secular government) it demonstrates what is possible to oppressed masses of Asia, Africa and the world - if they don't continue tribalism, racism, communism (where some are more equal than others) and religious prosecution of minority faiths.

Now, terrorists don't make me afraid. Big ugly guys don't make me afraid, and a whole bunch of other things don't scare me much. When I think I should worry I find cover, or take appropriate action to save myself and all that I love. What does worry me more is an incompetent government, stupid people trying to rule my choices, and all those folks standing around getting it on video for Youtube, Facebook and the evening news instead of helping to fix the problem that is, not the one they feel is happening.

You want a free education, go to the public library and read. All ages, all kinds -- read and learn, the government will provide a test, if you pass it will give you a certificate. That is cost effective, have fun, the libraries rock!

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  1. Yep, agree with all Earl! Libraries also don't have 'instructors' with agendas trying to 'steer' students either!