Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Being left behind...

  So as I am watching the football games, which cost big money to sponsor (or get one's ad upon) I am noticing little ap games being offered. For free! Excuse me while I smile since I don't have a platform.

  I think I need to go find a store that sells what I want. A tactical game, by turn game but only against the computer, I can conquer the computers, humans are more difficult. Especially since real humans need supplies, the electronic ones remind me of the old westerns where the six guns blazed and the cartridge loops on the belts were always full. But I can't decide what platform I should go for, and I am not a joystick jockey, I have no appreciation for jerking and such, I am wanting to put the correct troops into the fray in sync with the battle flow. Any advice would be appreciated.

  So many important things to do, but only a demonstration at Olympia for this week. Well, time to head for the YMCA, the Zumba instructor will be dancing soon...

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  1. I don't have a clue Earl, I don't play computer games. Sorry. Enjoy the zumba! :-)