Monday, December 22, 2014

What is your chant, today?

 Seems very easy for the big movers and shakers to forget that they incited the riot, or the assassination, or the revolution... it couldn't be that someone thought what they heard was troubling but true - that police are racist, that kill a cop was a great thing and that some things in the different cases of unarmed fools getting killed by highly skilled representatives of the government goodness must be obeyed. I do know it was really lucky that Maryland has good gun control and no stupid fools could try to shoot an ex-girl friend and then drive to New York faster than an electric transmission to kill two cops - which he didn't know, had no beef with, and hadn't even been introduced to... just the uniforms in the police marked automobile.. A fine target defined by rage and anger, exploited by mainstream media (presenting a over reaction by police causing death to the almost innocent and causing marching and mayhem in the street to sell commercial time on cable) and even the city Mayor had cast doubts on the professionalism and good will of his policemen...

  Mike Rowe says one must submit to arrest and police control --- but that got lots of folks killed in NAZI Germany, Communist Russia and Cambodia.... perhaps in Cuba, too, our relations haven't been established long enough to know, yet. I do know that many police forces are starting to feel like targets, from Constitutionalists (poor Eastern Washington), or drug gangs, or wild crazy fools, or their own lost politicians looking for more votes. I have only one thing to say to them, like all uniformed services that protect and defend our country and its best and brightest hope -- yours is a thankless task, you will always be needed, always be expendable, and always be lauded by those too feeble and too frightened and too foolish to stand with you for decency, respect and good sense.

  I commented on another forum, that I trust ninety percent of the police force, but only ten percent of the elected officials - that I don't trust any of the government employees to do their best work for me, but am so happy when I discover one working wonders (think Post Office during the holidays) My chant will never be that I have to kill cops, start off by changing the chant to law enforcement, then change the laws to reflect our total population - think about it. Big money buys political powers - and it does not matter what my brother says, the NRA is not owned by the firearms industry, the Republican Party or Blue Dog Democrats... I think Wayne owns it, he would help by becoming a retired adviser about five years ago... but like politicians that should move out, he has become his most important product. Does he shoot? Has he taught anyone else to shoot well and safely, lately?

  I can't tell you, I think he shoots because someone comes by and has a gun, he has a range and there is free ammunition. So I do hope he shoots, but my being a brave American, a law biding if it is Constitutional
(no matter what the Supreme Court say) then I am around for the better of the whole world, honest I would kill fools in most any country to protect innocence. But then I am a bit different than main stream culture... sigh.

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