Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holiday Season... blahs...

  I took the day yesterday and hibernated, just dropped out and lost myself. Hmmm, and no one noticed. It is the time to celebrate and get back into the darker part of the cave, Spring is weeks and months away, and although the bulbs are popping up in the garden, they won't get large nor bloom without warm and much more sunshine. It did seem to rain and drip all night long, but I was sleeping through it.

  People talking about going to see the Interview, for patriotic reasons. I pass, I want to see three others, two about WWII when patriotism was real, on all sides of that conflict. I am thinking about the New Year, already, since we are changing the calendars and time for tax preparation and paying off debts. You know, what the Federal Government doesn't do, ever. Well, actually back in the day, when the Treasury had obligations they did pay off the debt. But now we have dollars made of air, no one worries, there was never enough gold or silver, but we have lots of air, much of it hot air.

  I noticed the Swiss Banks are going to charge negative interest about .25 of one percent on accounts to stimulate a drying up of deposits. Too many folks stashing money in the banks, the Swiss ones, because they think they will be safe there. With the banks in America borrowing money from the Federal Reserve and not needing deposits and assets on hand, they don't pay interest on deposits or very little, and the government taxes that little gain along with everything else. So negative interest is here until the depositor and his deposits become important again. Ever? I am sure that you have been stashing your excess in the market and causing the rise in the HISTORIC levels of value... I would tell you that the dollar doesn't buy what it once did, but then much of what we buy wasn't there long ago, and far away. Nice that oil prices have come down a bit.

   About time to head out to the YMCA, for many virtual miles of sweat... hundreds of years ago there was enough real work to be done - now, not so much. Winter...


  1. Heard all that Earl! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and family from all of us.