Monday, November 3, 2014

What is wrong with those elected representatives? aren't they smarter than us?

  I am waking up in Daylight Savings Time, which is longer than needed but I adjusted last Spring forward. So I will now have to fall back harder, duh. No Daylight has been saved, see Einstein for conservation of energy - he never recommended this. It was an elected official with offers of something for nothing - which will get him (or her- no 'war on women' here) re-elected. This one thing, that fools engage in every year since we made those representatives in Congress important (in their own minds), is Daylight Savings Time. There never has been a real reason for it. You can gather eggs and milk cows in the darkness, or bring a lantern or turn on the lights. Hibernation preparation is also based on length of daylight, but we, will fight that for the opportunity to watch an evening football game in Hawaii four hours earlier than normal spectators at the game.

  So, if Congress is serous about doing good things for the nation, they need to repeal Daylight Savings time, they haven't found any of that daylight they think they convinced us they saved. If that were the first thing they fixed after being sworn in to office I might have more hope for change.

  Right after tackling the DST, they could change the relationship with the Federal Reserve Banks, come on the idea of making money out of air only works for the bankers when they are in control. In all other countries of the world, they have to get real currency for their fearless leaders when the system collapses - Swiss Francs, anyone? Gold? Silver? How about some of those eggs and milk for your children in exchange for? What is supposed to establish the value of our money in the United States of America - trick question.

   That idea is probably not on their list, Ron Paul isn't in Congress now. How about remaking the Federal tax code? Five percent from income, no credits no deductions and no adjustments, no lawyers and no accountants and no tax courts. No tax power for the Congressperson to barter for political power. Yeah, that will never happen until the collapse, which is closer every day - but I won't know the hour, cause I am still confused by the Daylight Saving rhythm and mythology.

Just those three things would show me that Congress is intelligent and going to do great things for the country, but if I were a betting man - I would expect that no matter the votes cast and the votes counted (lovely cheating Democrats and Republicans) the first order of business is to establish which fools will be getting paid extra for leading(?) that mess of folks that have just become more than civil servants and representatives of the peoples back home. It is all smoke and mirrors, not real magic.


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