Sunday, November 2, 2014

Good morning, Norm Al, how are things in your time zone.... saving any daylight?

I think I will go make some coffee.

And made my breakfast gruel and watched the NEWs, which wasn't much. A drunken argument in Seattle, four folks shot, shooter is gone but described. If I594 passes it won't stop drunken shooters. Put enough money behind a cause, tell enough lies, make promises that can't be kept (even if you were well intended) and it start to sound like snake oil medicine and politics. One may never know the difference. One member of my Bible study group called and asked about the two initiatives on the ballot. I told him the difference between the two, how I voted and what would happen if one passed but not the other. I then talked to the mail carrier, that once worked with me in more exciting times, and found he voted the way they told him it would stop the gun show loophole. In Washington State? What is that loophole? If you attend gun shows you know there is no loophole, but if you don't you have no idea.

Highlight of my last week in October was helping another fellow reassemble his 1903 rifle, he took the bolt out and couldn't put it back in and then it fell into two pieces and he couldn't assemble them either, well I learned some things. Everything I needed to know was a YouTube video away. Like I said, I learned some things.

Time to prepare for church.

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  1. Good on ya for helping him out Earl! Paying it forward as they say... enjoy the time at church!