Thursday, October 2, 2014

Life is already a challenge, I know everyone else is handling it better than I...

I am on day two of the new challenge on the Expresso Bicycle machine, very easy, just beat ten of your ghosts (pass performance best times).  I can get a 100 points for each that I improve upon, and after beating up ten of them, a 1000 points, I could order a Ghost Buster 3 t-shirt. Now, I do look in the mirror and see the old man looking back at me, so I know I am not as fast as all those younger whippersnappers. But I am still heroic, so I have to try, and so in two days I have beaten two ghosts and come so close it makes me snarl in frustration. Only two out of six races run... this month is going to get real long.

Not only snarl, but when I then go to my leisurely rowing machine to knock out some distance over time... I am wiped out. Get up and go is long gone... sigh. Talk about a slow prehistoric monster - a kangaroo would easily run me down... they are herbivores, aren't they?

Self imposed challenges, I am now good to hunt deer on Joint Base Lewis McChord, but nothing likely this weekend.  Training areas always have priority, which is fine. Yesterday's desk operative was not nice, but today's is on top of the job, nice attitude and very helpful. What a difference a day and new person makes.

I also have my copy Boone renewed - it is a fine book, lots of great information and well told. Support your local library.

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  1. Earl, you know we have to build back... It takes time and effort, which is what you're putting in, but it won't come overnight. Hang in there and keep on working, soon enough you'll beat those other ghosts!