Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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It is October, and my wife drove me out to mow the grass as she destroyed or harvested everything in the gardens, the organic conversion has begun in the backwoods. Flip those calendar pages - look! General George Washington accepting the surrender of the British forces in Yorktown, Virginia.

I have a very traditional Revolutionary War weapon on its way to my home, and four Polish films (which immediately made me giggle for thoughts of sexual smut) about the Polish Kingdom against the Cossack, the Russians, the Orthodox Church, the Turkish war machine at Vien.  I do war much better than sex, but the film makers always want to have some love interest around for the ladies to buy tickets for... the major complaint about Blackhawk Down, the movie, was all the men looked the same, and there wasn't any love interest in it. Yep. Truth.

I feel free, very liberated. The election is very soon, and the shape of much will be revealed - I expect to find no great leadership emerging in either party. I expect that the LOOMING Debt will not be seriously addressed by any elected officials and in the following two years a collapse - either total or partial, of the dollar and the economy and the government. They are all together in the problem. I expect those thinking they are in charge will clamp down to make it all better while they fix everything their way. Which as I said 'clamp down', means that it isn't the American way but the Marxist way they want to take the country. And it might just be time to turn out the lights.

Change does happen, the Sun continues its journey over the skies of New York City and Montana... you can actually see it in Montana, New York only sometimes.

So I am preparing for the collapse, and working on my sainthood. Seems to me that being a Bad Boy never got me more than an reputation I probably never really deserved. And by the time I had figured out moral reasons for soldiering, and my life's course... I was already in debt to the Devil. Easy enough to get out of that, but I couldn't find the government nor the media on my side, nor understanding my point of view... seems they were being sponsored by little demons and petty fools.

I have the March of Cambreadth, on my computer with sound, which is why the four Polish films, lovely winged Hussars.  Well, let us get this month off to a fine start. The stores have been preparing for months.

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