Monday, May 5, 2014

How are you doing, really?

I now know exactly what my DNA ethnic estimate can tell me William Earl Dungey.  Now traditionally the table talk has always been that in about 169? there was a rebellion in Ireland - not really, there was a major defeat of the Jacobites and James by the Orange Lord William, also current King in England with James' daughter, Mary, as his queen. The Battle of the Boyne. For whatever reason one of King Williams victorious soldiers could have been our Irish ancestor, whom according to table talk married an English woman and settled in Kent, where all his sons married English women and continued to live in Kent until they came to America in 1848 or so. From all I know about History of England, that portion of Kent and Sussex, the DNA is close to perfect.

For as long as my ancestors lived in America, I had thought there might be some American Indian bloodline, none has been found. My mother always quoted that the longer the line to colonial times the more likely there was some. But it isn't there to be seen. I am not convinced of the DNA science yet, they haven't a large enough pool, nor much beyond statistically might be.. so. I want linkage to real royalty and a title... ha, ha, ha! Not happening.

It was the 5th of May, my wife's birthday, and we celebrated with breakfast in bed (almost) then a movie "Heaven is Real" and dinner at the Azteca, which was too much and too good. Home to a visit with the grandchildren and son, and the granddaughter is talking a mile a minute and a pitch too high for my hearing mostly. But she is lively and lovely. The grandson is tough and independent. Nice finish for the day for her.

Got the news on Facebook that Jeffro had passed on to his reward, blogger, Poor Farm on the left, shooter, former farm son, truck driver, and race car fan. Good man with a big heart. Never met him before the internet, but we were cousins kind of... wanted to meet him on my cross America motorcycle tour, didn't happen. But it was close in Colorado.

Appleseed happened well in Waitsburg, Washington. The link is on the left but you may have the pictures of me from others.


  1. A belated Happy Birthday to the missus. I share your regrets over Jeffro. Such a nice sad to think he is gone. I find the DNA stuff interesting. I think I told you my dad had it done and found previously unknown relatives, sharing very close genes, whose families seem to have come through this area and then moved on south. Our family, always a cantankerous lot, remained behind. History mirrored in the blood.

  2. Glad it was a good day, and that is sad news about Jeffro...