Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Afraid or just timid? different degrees of fear, aren't they?

I am worrying on the next Appleseeds, and there aren't a bunch of shooters out there signed up to learn, shoot and hear the stories. Have all the Americans been on the line already? Don't think so.

Not only don't I get all the shooters, but I am having challenges getting enough great crews to instruct, coach and make the shoots safe and entertaining. There is something amiss.

I am blaming it on the ANTI-Gun Goofs and elected Foolish Officials and their shared Mouthpieces. The gun guys and gals are just tired of beating their heads against the wall of stupidity maintained by media and political correctness. Haven't any of them gotten beyond the entertainment industry's glorification of guns and gun violence? For sure the criminals haven't, but then we can all agree that there aren't any smart criminals caught and convicted - so they have a reason to be stupid about guns and gun violence. I didn't say that criminals aren't effective as the police in making the innocent fearful of men with guns. If I believed all the stories in the media and entertainment I would think disarming the military and police should be first priority, but most law officers aren't trigger happy, do train and have thought out why and how they would use their firearms. Still, there seems to be an overcast of gloom among the unknowing population that would like to learn about firearms, own one, and be a responsible adult.

Now I am certain that people that really know why they fear firearms, have good reason. And I am sure I will never convince them that they should overcome their fears. But when their fears start to ruin my day, week, month, year (and I don't have many of them left) well, that is my challenge. Get them off my back and out of my life.

On a very positive note, if they are getting work and building a better world and haven't the time to come to the Appleseed events - that is still a great thing, for them and the world. Go get it done, pilgrim.

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