Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wow, it is already way too great a day in my life...

Better make sure I buy those winning Lottery tickets. Woke up so full of vim and vigor the first thing I did was say thanks, the second thing was to remember to take it easy. I was really pleased to note that the experts have decided that those elder folks could have more steak and eggs with cheese. They actually said it would improve our lives... not that I think they know what they are talking about, but I will be a test subject.

Immigration Reform. You find a person that is undocumented, finger prints, photography, weigh, measure, check for illness, DNA taken and issue an Alien Documented Card. No opportunity for citizenship, ever. Work and pay taxes for as long as they like before they return to their own country.

You can't order a government, a culture or a meaningful life based on the stuff that comes from the media. Label it all Art and Fiction and get on with scientific endeavor. Doing anything else will only sell soap flakes and flu vaccine.

Stop thinking that the government has any good ideas. All their ideas come with a punishment for not obeying them. Do you see Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Honda, or any other capitalist enterprise having to have a gun to your head to make you buy, participate or listen? Stop thinking the minimum wage is sound, if it were they would not have to adjust it, stop thinking that any elected officials and the people surrounding them know better, they are all taking care of themselves and you are losing every year.

Who loves you, baby? Kojak once said that didn't he, with the lollipop. It isn't the government. In every case there are exceptions, but not the majority of officials and staffers, they have no idea what they are doing. Do the bankers? Yes, but then they know they own the politicians, do the special interest groups? no, but they have votes which keep politicians alive in each election.

Do not worry, people. Since the government has stopped being an effective means of assuring our Liberty, take your liberty and get ready for them to collapse, it will happen, they aren't good nor effective enough to jail us all, put us all in death or work camps. All their solutions have been tried and they all fail. What has worked but that no one believes in now is free markets, capitalism, and liberty of the people. Worked longer than any government in the modern world, but because change is spooky and control makes you think you can fly safely, you don't fly you steer like you were still connected to the ground.

Failures everywhere. The reason the Republicans can't be effective, is that they have no mission, they look exactly like Democrats, except they aren't as crooked. They do think they know as much and more, but they are wrong. The TEA Party, as a fine group of concerned citizens that don't want power but what effective freedom from government interruption.... But the government and the media keep controlling the fears and fantasies to make more rules, more agencies and more power for the most crooked of our kind. Politicians.

When I look out at America, and meet the people I have faith in the future, but when I listen to the media, or the politicians or even try to participate in the process beyond just casting a vote for the lesser of two evils or special needs former lawyers - I am again disheartened. Just once, show me a politician that knows and will say that the nation is broke, the money has been wasted, that no one really knows what is wrong with the way it just flies away, out of control. Just one.

Yes, you and I can have a fine life, invest in our future and have the government destroy it all because they are in power and totally stupid about what they are doing, why they are doing it, and where it will all end up. The media, either doesn't know, or thinks that some ONE or something will save us as we speed to the end. It will take a lot of hard working folks, with real values to save the idea of America. None of them are in the media nor in the elected government.

Must be time for some wine and meditation - two doctor visits tomorrow. Then the search for 22 LR...

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  1. Enjoy the good food, and good luck with the .22... sigh