Friday, March 7, 2014

Beautiful but so sad a flim...

Finished watching Indo Chine again, and since she (both of them) are worthy I will watch it again. And again. The beauty of the country and the feel for the culture is excellent, and what is so wrong with colonialism is again very well pointed out.

I was searching for 22 LR today, and found fifty rounds of 12 shot, which I laughed about, the clerk had no idea, even trying to sell me the 22 mag ammunition, that was at BIG Five, two gun stores and an indoor shooting range I did find five hundred round bricks for unbelievable prices. Sigh, but it is there. One gun store is closed for remodeling, and training new staff, then they say they will reopen. I was interested in finding out if they were hiring, but seems he has the crew he wants right now. I did also find another ten round magazine for my Marlin LTR. It doesn't drop free, yet, but I think it will one day.

On Facebook I was glancing at some comments by my brother and one sister, and the brother was sure with 300 million people we really needed more government to control them. And my sister was mentioning something about those that had government health insurance were against the idea of others having insurance. But I wanted to know who that was, really, who was she talking about. She has no idea about my health care, nor does she understand that my only problem with the government having the health care is that the government doesn't do much very well.

Education, has gotten worse as the government gets more involved, family life gets worse as the government gets more involved. I could go on, but really the country did much better when communications were slower, the people on site were responsible, and Washington, DC was a miserable swamp for a large part of the growing season. Darned air conditioning.

I am still waiting for stupidity to continue in the 'gun control debate'. They have laws against shooting people, no one calls that an infringement of a right. They have laws against rape, murder, assault, and robbery. They don't need any laws against firearms or arms (being a much larger group of weapons). They only need to enforce the laws they have, and in Chicago, they don't. If you don't give the criminal something lesser to plead guilty to, you might actually get the bad people off the streets for longer time.

I know the Media is all hyped over Hillary and maybe that big guy in Jersey, but I did like Rand Paul speaking, and the rip roaring cheer leading Governor Perry. And the Republican Party hasn't been Conservative for years - it is something in the water or the wine in DC. They all want to be the BIG Spender, does someone play that song over and over in Congress?

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  1. You are correct. I do not know about your health care any more than you know about mine. If we did required private health insurance like some countries, perhaps we would not be in the mess we are now.