Friday, January 24, 2014

Why is Justin Beaver on my news feed, on my favorite talk programs?

Must be as an example of what famous wasted life is worth, not much. Yes, I know I have spelt his name wrong, but then I don't worship nor adore him. I may have heard some of his music, but I couldn't tell you that in truth. I am still stuck on 'cut my bangs with rusty kitchen scissors'.

My visit with the heart doctor was great, not that I am sure how anything might get paid for, but I liked talking to him about me (always one of my favorite subjects) finding out about his grandfather fighting in WWII against the Japanese and what my new tests are going to be - and I won't have to return to see him until March 7.  All good.

On the not so noticed news, is the Japanese response to the Chinese expansion in the Pacific. Funny how Main Stream Media thinks Justin is hot enough to cover, like bad boys being boorish is news. The Korean, Japanese and Chinese are working on another confrontation to the hilt. My money is still on the Japanese, they can make all the nuclear weapons they want faster than Iran can.... but they don't want any. Until the current President Obama, America provided their nuclear deterrent. Now, I expect they would sink all the Chinese vessels at sea from afar, precisely. Yep, that and robotic assault weapons. And they still haven't unleashed Godzilla.

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  1. As far as I'm concerned, you didn't misspell his name. This latest foray into entertainment news has irked me - he he is supposedly a hero to young teens everywhere, and he readily admits to getting drunk and abusing drugs illegally. What a role model.

    However - in ten years chances are good he'll be a footnote and the next cute boy will have taken his place.