Monday, December 9, 2013

How cold is it?

For a fellow that is old and much too much retired it is COLD. It has been frozen around here for many days, and without snow, or slush, nor rain ... the little moisture in the air freezes each morning on top of yesterday's frost. A few more years of the same thing and my roof will collapse under the weight of ice.

I understand that Al Gore is going to run against Hillary in 2013 to secure the blessings of Global Warming for all.

I timidly went outside to shovel composting stuff, and immediately thought that I was happy to live in the 21st Century when out houses aren't needed... imagining how much fun that would be. I also thought I should watch Jeremiah Johnson through the glass door, the winter trapping stuff especially.

Home schooler time to explore. Get shovel (and pick?) How frozen is the ground, what is permafrost, and why didn't those paratroopers in Bastogne dig deeper? Do the worms freeze in place or do they go deeper? Where are the moles and why is their mound getting bigger? How deep do you have to go to find softer soil, which should mean warmer, how warm is it? How many calories are you using for warmth, how many for work? It is cold.

Will have to seriously look at getting a rear sight for my new rifle - seems that Marlin Firearms is in trouble - it has a loyal customer base, and knows how to produce firearms, but has been purchased by Wall Street traders that fear gun toting citizens that aren't on their payroll. Whatever...

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