Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Advent... what is coming is special...

I won my race to the top of the team on the expresso.com bicycle, six days of riding my butt off. Don't I wish. I had intended to finish up today, Tuesday, but three of the Asians were hogging the rowing machine, they were rowing and talking and sitting and talking, and although I was told I should kick someone off the machine - it didn't feel like the right thing to do, so I went back and biked on. Two seven milers, one five point four miler and I was finished! Yeah, I am a hero in my own mind. I still went and rowed five kilometers. Got to work that upper body for the babes.

Then went and had a hot sandwich and shopped at the Base Exchange then we went to the Commissary and shopped there for a couple of things, we went for milk and eggs. As I drove home I continued my thoughts of driving over the mountains to Yakima and an Appleseed this weekend. When we had checked the mailbox, Packages!, and unload the Caravan, I sent a message to the Shoot Boss, weather permitting. I also ordered the things I needed for my Liberty Training Rifle, at about 4:30 and by seven I was getting notified they had been sent. How fast is that internet? I also changed my avatar on Facebook and ordered a t-shirt to celebrate my virtual unwheeeled bicycle event. The rifle stuff will be here by Thursday, the t-shirt not until the following week.

Now, fresh cup of Kona influenced coffee in my mug, and the quiet of early winter darkness I think about Christmas, and maybe decorating a bit because it is time to celebrate. You may not know that I don't do parties well, but I don't. After the drinking and the fighting what is left to do? Motivations are important, and what makes me happiest is the season for economic reasons is still celebrated. Imagine a year when most of your sales start after thanks giving. oops! Thanksgiving Day, the one day of the year to gather and give thanks, feast and watch football. Who wouldn't want to give thanks everyday, and have big sales everyday?
Isn't there a government program to make that happen?

Really, there isn't a Christmas decoration anywhere in this home, yet. For a couple of years only the incoming cards and pictures from far away reminded me of what I was missing. But I have been on firebases in the Asian tropical heat, or desert sands in the chill mornings of waiting for victory at Christmas time, and in Saudi Arabia the King doesn't want too many bright Christmas celebrations and symbols. I can live without them, but it isn't much joy in muting love of God through carols and song. Looking for stars to guide wise men is easier in total artificial light absence. you should see all of them out there. The shepherds had the best seat in the house.

Yes, it is time to prepare to pretend to honor the birth of our King. As a real American, I have no experience with royalty, none. I know what king means, I have played chess and the king off the board means you aren't going to be checked nor mated. But for a heavenly king, I am totally uncertain. I just like the idea, the certain knowledge that the babe born in Bethlehem was and is better than I, and loves me more than I deserve. That is all I need to feel like I should join the party, decorate, participate and find some more love to spread around. It goes farther will a little help from all of us, so Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year. Love you all, y'all.


  1. Congrats on finishing Earl! And celebrations ARE more than trees and gifts... How we celebrate in our hearts is what counts...