Wednesday, November 6, 2013

So, I am going to shoot known distance...

Do much of my shooting very safely (no rounds, dry fire) or very close (25 yards or 25 meters), and all for marksmanship and instructing others in rifle marksmanship. But I am going to Idaho to a two day clinic for Known Distance and the range will go farther than I will engage. They may encourage me to take a 500 yard shot or two.

Researching I have been looking to find the Course of Instruction, so I would see how many rounds I will need. My M1 Garand is the primary rifle for this exercise, although I will take the Model 70 with optics to learn a bit about using the optics at the distances.

And not having a real sense of what is going to happen, I will make up a known distance course for myself to test my .22LR and the M1 skills and potential this Saturday, supposed to be cloudy and cool. Verify the zero on each rifle, move the target stand to 100 yards, place four inch square on white background, Shoot twice, once with each rifle five rounds, notice where the rounds hit, paste and then adjust aiming point or come ups for .22LR. Shoot again, 5 rounds, check and put four 100 yard targets up (reduced size), shoot four phases of KD AQT on those targets with .22LR. Check, which I always mean take a picture for later, post full size target on backer. Shoot 10 rounds standing in 2 minutes on it. Take picture, paste holes if any...

Move target backer to 200 yards, put eight inch black square on backer. Shoot with .22LR and M1, note results. Post full size target, shoot two and eight with M1, shoot ten rounds spotting with .22LR. Take pictures, move target backer to 300 yard line (will have to move Caravan down to target line for speed). Post 12 inch black square on backer, shoot with M1, check target. Post full size target shoot stage three with 2 and 8. Take pictures and pull backer and clean up firing point, recover brass.

Either YMCA is going to be very early or very late on Saturday, had my rest day yesterday.

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  1. That is the RIGHT way to do it, and I'm sure you will be successful!