Sunday, November 3, 2013

I have been told that I limp...

I immediately put that remark beside the one 'looking sexy' - it depended on the voice, the moment and message. But it was followed with was it a war wound... nope, I never got wounded, that anyone could really see, by war - I love cover, really love cover. Skinny kids hide well in the depressions of little note.

Having been laughing at my fellow Men's Bible Study men, as they limp, sit and groan -- I have noticed that those that really keep working and moving, are still moving well. Those engaged in thinking, loving and smiling are even doing better than well. So I need to start back on the To Do List hanging on my wall.

Go with God
Husband my wife

and then the other measurements still unmet... I can look at them daily, doing them is another matter.

I don't have a lot of time left, or remaining here on earth and this time, time is almost up... Should I put annoying little pop-ups on my computer to drive me out to become better? Wasting more time?

Don't be negative, teach no wrong, live only right, spend time in love with love and for love... God is watching, all the time and time keeps moving on.

Part of that motivation is to get a new suit, my funeral suit, when I get light enough for six ladies to carry...
title IX adjustment. I don't want to bother my military, I need no more honors than having served and having been well remembered, surprisingly often. While putting on my Sunday best today, I looked in the mirror and said the waist would have to be at the waist and belted there, the coat would have to be hanging from the shoulders, and then I realized I want a waistcoat (vest) to be under the jacket - which would make it a real coat, then I would have to get an overcoat for the cold weather.... Winter is Coming. Where is a great tailor when one needs one? Ah well, seems like Summer of next year, or as the election season starts, right after Christmas of this year - and not something that a truly humble man would ever concern those that love him.

So I did see Ender's Game on Friday evening, enjoyed it very much, having read the book and the follow on books leading to Ender's Shadow. Great adaptation, and I really liked being reminded of why we send young people, without fears and experience up against enemies and fears of the old fools.

So, since running is off the table for now (as a training tool), I will have to aspire to walking along the road, and being offered rides by those many kind people - which I will thank and ask God to bless them.


  1. You've always been all over doing the right thing, which you will continue to do. So, no popups for you!!!! ;)

  2. Doing the right thing IS the code we adhere to Earl, we are of that generation... And you will be here for a long while yet...