Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The say that change happens... and I have noticed

I was searching for an old blog post on the Just the Library Keeper blog, which I now think I worked pretty hard on... and for sure I notice that this blog hasn't many of the better qualities of that older version of a younger old man confronting obsolescence. That is what growing older and out of current society and culture is about isn't it?

My wife says she has fried another microwave, since that is two it is only coincidence, if she does it with a third we will give her that skill level. Until we replace it, life will be a bit inconvenient.  How did we get from fire and heating elements to microwave radiations? Must have missed that science class. Although I still remember the burn from running up Radar hill at Graf, and that was behind where the radars were watching, that stuff is warm in the extreme.

I was trying to find links to my RWVA log and went back and went through several years of posts on the older blog, and smiled often - noticed that I re-used many favorite pictures - noticed that it seems all the posts are still there. I think I wrote better in the old days, but that is subjective self analysis - not to be trusted, but then Facebook is here and like texting there is little reason for grammar, spelling and punctuation. Or even rules of  polite society, do we even acknowledge a 'polite society' anymore?

I am preparing for a big weekend, the Appleseed at Coupeville on Whidbey Island, ferry crossing in the early morning, best look up the weather for Saturday and Sunday. I have a small very professional crew for twenty-five potential Riflemen. Only five of the shooters have done an Appleseed before.

While reading about the San Antonio Open Carry demonstration I ran across this, on the left symbol. From the III Percenters I would guess. I like it, very soft and still firm in what it seems to portray. Everyone does understand that means 97% are still lost, misled, and uncommitted? Yeah, that is a bunch. And it could be that when the time comes, everyone is still going to do the very best they can to survive, create, succeed and be worthy of  the Lord's love.

Well, VA paperwork needs filled in for health benefits, one of the Church Brothers is on a personal mission to get us all signed up and he has stirred my wife to worry, so I must. Take care out there. 


  1. Enjoy the shoot Earl! And your blog has evolved as you've evolved... Nothing wrong with that!

  2. Out of curiosity, I looked up Coupeville - looks like a rather picturesque place. Hope you have a good time.