Friday, October 25, 2013

Chains that bind us...

Woke from dreams of impossibility. A Command Sergeant Major going to a dinner with Commander and his wife, where we find out the unit is being set up for failure, the History already written... of course it is under the current White House - that was where the dream was really strange, since I like fighting in Southwest or Southeast Asia much better than in the home country... do pray that there is no truth in dreams, you don't want this one to happen to anyone.

Time for second cup of coffee, in my Special Operators mug. Thanks, son. I can't read Latin (I am the product of a government education system) so I pretend it is a cool mug to warm my hands with.

Freedom, Liberty and personal responsibility... all wonderful concepts. And don't we just know we are part of the experiment of government that allows men to stand tall? Except where we can't. Here in America and the world at large. How does that happen, it wasn't designed that way. Or was it? By those others out there.

First they made the government too big to ignore, and then they started to make the people depend on the government. Really depend on the government. The way it was designed was the government was supposed to depend on the people. It is just an imaginary creation without a life of its own, not like a supernatural being. But we don't have to pay attention to the government, if we walk outside of the law, and many do - or we can blend in and everyone knows we must be law abiding, cause we are nice folks, cut our yard and clean up the trash after parties and picnics. But what I am doing in private never threatens the government or the public and so they don't know. And many do.

Then there are the herds, or flocks of people that just graze away, with total trust in the government and its goodness on our lives. I do think that is most of the folks. They just want to have fun... and aren't going to lose any sleep over worry about what might be really going on. But that isn't where the chains are, for those that we should really watch out for, to be careful around, they are bound by the same chains that hold many of us - DEBT - what we owe is a burden. You can carry your brother, and never feel the weight but your debt bends your back, darkens you days and makes you do things you aren't going to find fun. How did that happen? You weren't born with debt, yes there is a national debt, and you being born doesn't mean that you owe any of it. Really, there is a bank or two everywhere, there are governments everywhere, and you don't owe any of those debts and it isn't your responsibility to repay any of them - and you haven't been paying attention to collapse of nations, banks or fool ideas. Why is your national debt your problem? It isn't, but you don't understand the chains, the reins of government or of the bankers. Borrow a little and they help you repay regularly, borrow a  lot and they start to turn you in their direction - they have become your partner.

It is only money, it is only a tool, and it is being used by people and institutions that don't love you, why are you paying any attention? Ah, so you can be concealed and free to do your own will, don't borrow, don't leave tracks and they will never notice. They only count the people that owe them and they put them in asset or debit columns - which is no way to treat a people. Chained to the money, manipulated by the godless. Doesn't matter the political party, the nation, the person, if they are part of the borrowing they are only slaves, how much did Spartacus owe? The reason he was feared, because he didn't fear -
all they had for him was death, and we will all share that individual event.


  1. I"m working HARD to get all the bills paid. Down to mortgage and a few more car payments. Everything else is cash on the barrel head...

    1. Yep, do that all well, keep your friends and make new ones, and for sure be more trustworthy than those in love with money. Seems they can be bought.