Monday, June 10, 2013

So you are going to change

Restless night, and sure enough some things aren't the same in the morning. More improvement in my health and will have to work on the fitness. That second step is going to be slower, but has to happen.

Just one aside: the fellow that ran to Hong Kong after exposing the NSA to the same attention the NSA subjects the world.... that was a great paying job you left. Also, no matter that our people know what the government was doing and could do with what they have --- we already know the godless Chinese Communists are hacking away to get the same information - or the portions they would like. Hasn't anyone heard of data sharing? Spies looking at spies, bad governments looking at the other bad governments - could write a book or two about that.

Now, the real problem isn't the gathering. It is what happens with it, don't give it to the terrible IRS, CIA, FBI, or Homeland Security. And since the elected officials and their fine civil servants seem to have no sense of shame, honor nor competency - don't let them have it either unless it is shredded first.

Anyway, my paper targets shouted at me instead of politely talking to me. The problems with paper data. it isn't as hidden as the computer files -- right in my face on my desk. Well, have had breakfast and on my third mug of coffee, the sunshine outside calls to me, have much to do and places to be. Don't blog forever!


  1. As it turns out, he's a 'disaffected' liberal... Gee, what a surprise! He had other options to blow the whistle and chose NOT to use them.

    1. Actually, I am very happy he is exposed, just how bad it could have been if he had stayed there and worked directly for any other stupid threat against my well being? and yours? ie. the British Communist moles and sleepers.

      He isn't blowing the whistle, he is just realizing how dangerous it was to work for the people behind the curtain and in the shadows. He must be buying insurance - because he knows he is dead.