Tuesday, June 11, 2013

So, what me worry?

No, I am not worried about the government having all my data, emails, letters, calls and history of everything Earl has ever done. I will go to war with the government if they declare war on me - and I know the government doesn't have any real control of any or all its agents. Case in point, all the current problems with truth and perceptions on the media, the number of assaults by soldiers upon other service members, or rogue IRS, 

They do hide behind what they call the law. IF the agent does something illegal, it must be investigated and pondered. If Earl does something illegal, Earl gets arrested and threatened until Earl pleads guilty to maybe a lesser charge. Notice a difference?

Studying History, I will give you a great Christian institution to look at: The Roman Catholic Church under the Pope. The need to protect the faith from false preaching, values, Muslims and Jews, and a few Wiccans and Witches&Warlocks working for the Devil.  They created the Inquisition, and it grew in power as it threatened the population into compliance and quiet. And they could get you and keep your soul from Heaven, or so they thought. The English monarchy used religion for centuries to suppress the efforts of the Pope. Half the war on the Irish was because they wouldn't convert to a Protestant faith, all the Irish war with the English was because the English and Scots weren't Irish nor well behaved tourists.

I am sure that people can design programs for computers to influence human activity, look at the last Presidential election. I am sure I wasn't influenced - but I am smarter than the computer and the programmers and most certainly than the President's party and staffers. Look at the mess they have made of the country that they control - truly anti-Rights laws (about guns, guys) passed stupidly.  Same kind of politicians in Washington DC as in the Blue State governments. But there is talk of splitting from New York, California, Illinois and Colorado and forming a new state from the Red State folks held in bondage by the Blue State folks in charger there.  Check out West Virginia, they had differences with the Old Dominion in Richmond. The Civil War settled the question about leaving the Union, but established the precedent of counties leaving a state.

I would like all Americans to decide to disconnect from the services that have complied and assisted the government (GOOGLE!) in capturing the truth? about all the folks. At least the folks on line, using telephones - those that hand write their communications, or meet face to face only have to worry about security cameras, and the Gestapo, which we don't have because we don't speak German and have NAZI party in charge - do we?

If I win the Lottery, I will pay my taxes and my tithe, then give some money away (my wife will tell me to whom) and then buy some land and leave. Y'all be good and be blest mightily. Don't worry about the government - they only tied in Korea, lost in Vietnam and blunder about making the world afraid of their power projections - mainly because they are so irrational.

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