Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What is a law for anyway?

I would hope that law would provide protection of everyone from threats, although it seems that most laws are only threats and outlaws and rebels ignore them.

If the law, is that: A well regulated militia is necessary for the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Seems very straight forward, positive, and non threatening. Being a law for the government, without a punishment listed I would assume that violation of that law would be treason or just impossible to break. Enough of that, I am not that stupid.

But I am a simple man, and ancient but I do want you to know that I don't really run around obeying some fools' laws. I am normally going around behaving well because my parents, friends, family and neighbors expect me to be a fine fellow.  Life is sure easier that way.

I stopped at a Safeway one night, going to get a sandwich and some snacks for a long drive, and since I was there I picked up two bottles of Blackberry wine.  Now, I am not a drunk, had not been drinking, was intending to take the bottles home where I have a glass of wine in the evening with my wife - no more than one a day, like they recommend.

But stupid thoughts in Olympia, Washington had been put to paper that drunk driving would be reduced by stopping Earl and all his kind from purchasing alcoholic beverages between the hours of something to something. Drunk driving is a problem - so many legisators and public officials and judges seem to do it and get caught. They are not alone, other drunks are out there - and from my criminal contacts when asked about this law, they all told me that most snack and beverage shops will have an employee with alcohol in the trunk of his vehicle that he will sell during those hours.

Now I don't care to change the law about alcohol sales, I want more responsible adults, and longer jail terms for those caught driving under the influence - like two weeks in a Chinese prison, or a DHS re-education camp.

But it was one of the many laws, good intentioned folks with too much time on their hands have passed to make the world safer but sillier, without achieving their intentions. Failure, again.

So, just to keep my bonifides in the Gun Control Contentions, the outlaw and the rebel will not follow any laws about firearms - except the one about not being caught without enough firepower for the fury and the fight. The armed law abiding person will have to decide if this is just another stupid law - like homosexual activities and dope smoking, that being lawful is just not the way one lives with the LORD.

I do know, that representatives elected to positions of power, that can't do the functions of government outlined in the Constitution, aren't really smart enough to be followed, nor listened to, but they should be confronted constantly. Where is the budget?  

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  1. Earl, as I get older, I get more libertarian. I have added to the list of things I must fight: the "Administrative Felony". Because some busybody got offended, some touchy-feely type legislator made something illegal, usually making a perfectly legal activity a crime because it transgressed some stupid magical line or condition. Everything is about control, guns are just the most noticable facet.