Monday, February 4, 2013

There are so many great things in the world...

Going on everywhere as I type, and they aren't centered on the spotlight in the middle of the field, and the lights can go out, they can.

Personal responsibility, versus the collective hive, and I have found that God is good, and expects me to be even better, that both the idea of America and my personal behavior have little to do with the collective good. I must eat for me, I can eat for no one else. I must think for me, I can think for no one else, I must love for me for I can't love for anyone else. There is enough for everyone, but not enough for some one. Just as I can't love myself enough, loving the rest of you is an awesome task and trial, but I will.

Since I want to mention shooting, I hope you watch your health and diet, when losing weight too quickly the facial fat will decrease, and the padding around the eyeballs disappear a bit, enough that the shape of the eyeball will be changed slightly and that will make a bit of the difference in how one sees the targets, the sight picture and alignments... just a little goes a long way.

Monday, time to read a bit more about revolutions, make my body do some rotations and revolutions and strain and stretch, striving against gravity and weights and waists. Be good out there, a little goes a long way.

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  1. And consistent exercise is better than once in a while... And you are correct on the loss and it's impact!