Friday, February 1, 2013

I am just the least of their worries...

Reading about revolutions again, something I think I should ask politicians about. One title is 1775, a Good Year for Revolution, by Phillips, and Simon Bolivar, the Liberator... what has struck me solidly between the ears, is that the governments don't understand the people they are governing. Not that they were particularly corrupt, or evil, they just didn't know the people - they were too far removed and not listening to the addresses and petitions. NON RESPONSIVE! So there was friction, which led to the idea the people could do it better, and so they revolted.  Funny idea, that we the people could be better than the government going crazy on stuff they don't need to worry about.

Has anyone felt like the last three or four administrations and all Congresspersons and Senators aren't hearing any of us out here? Do you get the idea that there is an NCIS for the Eastcoast and one for the Westcoast and fly over country just doesn't count? I was talking about how little our representatives know about guns, and he told me that wasn't what they were supposed to know... but they are too busy to do the things they need to address.

Does look like I don't have to worry, or even be concerned about the current rage against Gun Violence - since they have made all other violence not... it just no longer exists.  There are no more murders, there are no more rapes, no more robberies, no more threats, No more crimes against people or property - so the only thing left is to fight against guns.  All the illegal drugs have disappeared, although I could have almost every one of them delivered to my door... I just am not that kind of a fool. One of those reasons I am the least of their worries.

But it does seem, from the President on down to those fine law breaking enforcement officers of the ATFE, they have nothing left to do except to try and destroy the last link of trust between the People, that wrote the Constitution and the current government that doesn't believe what it reads - for they are a product of the current education system, it just isn't their fault that they fail. I have read the Constitution and I can point out all the places they are going wrong, but they wouldn't listen to me - I am the least of their worries. I think they will do better in the next world, I think I can go along without them in this world - I like to remain the least of their worries.

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