Friday, January 18, 2013

Mister President, why I do not fear your best...

There is much noise about the 2nd Amendment, the Assault Rifles, the fear of the folks, the power of Executive, and protecting us all from harm. Normally, if it were Hamilton, Washington, Jackson, Crockett, Bowie, Cody, Grant or Lee, even Teddy Roosevelt -- I might worry, a bit. They knew what they would fight and die for.

But the current crop of political hacks and almost heroes followed Bush the lesser, Clinton and the other non-glorious paths to power than those that served. They didn't even go to take care of the wounded nor entertain the troops. They made sure they liberated all the women, promoted dope and drug culture, sang songs and then called themselves Liberal...  but a sense of duty? a sense of honor? a relationship with God? a sound knowledge of what they really believe in besides making themselves happy? They did mock loudly the war effort in Vietnam, LOUDLY. And dishonored service, boy scouts, churches, and anything that wouldn't hurt them... they promoted anti-violence, violently. They have all that they have clung to.... nothing of value to me. And they can't threaten me, oh, they make noise, they write rules, they hire guns -- but they aren't coming after me, they have to send those they mock so well.

Ask OBL if he feared the President, or any godless American? He didn't, he had to be killed. So will I, and I am not going to strike terror into America, I stand for Liberty, Honor, Truth, God and all the goodness in Man, and the possibility of the best from me. I stand with all those that know you aren't god, good nor worth following or worrying about - Christ would have stood in front of them, and taken a beating, suffered and died.  I can do no less.

Having fought a few North Korean Communists, Vietnamese and beside other military - the side the President is on and seems to believe he commands - just hasn't the heart for a real prolonged war. So I declare that I am the victor, and will continue to laugh at those that haven't a clue, most don't.


  1. I stand with you Earl, just us little folks...

    1. I like that a majority of two, that know what is worth, what to value, and how to be an American, a Liberty loving individual. Think positive, be positive and have courage, it is going to get worse.