Monday, January 14, 2013

How is that prayer thing working out?

You do know why I go to my wife's church, don't you? I go to see all the beautiful brown haired babes, so much to be thankful for. In New York, the EMPIRE State, they are about to bow to the vicious cycle of cultural conformity and pass lots of words to restrict the people from freedom - just make them all serfs, and hope they make enough money and pay enough taxes and look happy enough to convince the rest of the country to go their way.

You do know that the United States of America, is a nation of refugees, fleeing something bad somewhere else, coming here for the promise of something better. Now we get to be fleeing the power of the President's Executive Orders. Yes, I know other Presidents have used them. We put a lot of English speaking Americans of Japanese heritage in concentration camps - if we hadn't been trying to save on fuel to fight the war they might have had more to worry about. Luckily we could use them to fight Germans in Europe. Don't you just love a World at War?

The justification for those illegal actions comes down to protecting something, from the fears that haunt the minds of evil men.  Yep, protection from good hearted folks isn't very necessary, they will vote, work and love with total disregard of the government. I would likely think they were good ideas if they did them because they love me (they never do), if it increased my love for everyone else (but I have to work on that), or they only applied their silly restrictions and rules to themselves. I don't think I am special enough to need bodyguards, honest, and I know the police are in LAW ENFORCEMENT, not personal security.  They work very bravely and in tough areas to keep those in suits healthy and happy, unconcerned about security because they know the police are on top of the bad guys.

I do want you all to be armed, especially armed against false witnesses.  The Media, and the Politicians maybe bearing false witness against you, what you know and believe, and definitely against the Truth. That is not a good thing, it could be one of those sins, a commandment from God through Moses, but I don't dare quote the Bible, I don't read Hebrew, Greek or Latin --- so God only reaches me in English, not even King James' English although it is so poetic. Anyway, go out armed with the knowledge that will protect you from the mob of mindless.

Where do your prayers go?  Do you use them for what you love, whom you love? Send them where you love is, where you have planted it, where you want it to grow and bless us all. Love the LORD, your neighbor (so many can't be counted) and yourself. Work on your prayers, you have no hope of paying down the debts, but spreading real love - that you can do.

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