Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I want to tell you about Lance Armstrong...

He is milking this 'scandal' for all it is worth... nothing.

The group that KNOWS he was doping, blood doping or just beating the system - that group didn't exist when he rode to victory, seven times.  But they know?

The people testifying against Lance were team mates, and morally challenged from birth, education and situational ethics. They finally confessed to being sinners to the public pulpit and think they have been saved... but get a book writing deal from their shame? Won't get them to Heaven, but they don't believe in afterlife, do they?

After winning, however that happened, Lance Armstrong attempted to keep a clean healthy image and use it to promote cancer research and benefit humanity... just loves to be doing good for all the wrong reasons. Oh, the Glory of being Lance Armstrong.

You have to know that Lance Armstrong had an evil dark side, his girl friend singer, split.

So now, instead of real problems about the underfunded liabilities of the American Government, the terror triumphant through out the world. Everyone, is talking about Lance Armstrong's fall from grace. Not even knowing what Grace really is - it just sounds good.

So I want to repeat one truth. Lance Armstrong rode some bicycle to victory seven times in France, passing all the drug tests given, however he passed them - he was still the rider that won, and his team mates did work to make sure he won. But you don't even know what bike he rode - you are just as sure as everyone that doubted he could do it (I don't think he spoke French, did he?) that the blood doping was what made it possible. 

So, I believe that Lance Armstrong is going to tell the world he cheated, I heard it on television so it must be true. And all those shouting that it is true - that he cheated, that we must prevent the children from following his very poor example - have won, just as maybe Lance Armstrong lost by not believing he could win without his special cheat, that he couldn't train better, have a better team, have a stronger spirit facing the challenge.  So Lance Armstrong is now a cheater, and y'all will accept his fall from Grace. and now he is a great hero for humbling himself back into the masses of failures we are all striving to become. 

Well, what if Lance Armstrong didn't know as much as he thought? What if those that gave him this fine flawless blood doping routine that never got caught, that never has been proved except by coercing testimony from others observing what they thought was cheating? What if they are all wrong. That only the belief he was cheating, had an edge, and his team, bikes and training and strength were better and good enough to win - actually won him those seven titles taken away by those that don't ride, don't compete and don't know anymore than their little minds can conceive? What if Lance Armstrong won on a placebo effect? How much do you know about the strength of the mind, the spirit and the competition to win? What if the placebo effect was saying a lie long enough made it the truth? What is the placebo effect?  He did ride all those miles, Oprah didn't. Did you?


  1. Wonderfully well put. Thank you.

  2. Yep, this is a rather 'strange' ending... And you make good points Earl, but it's always been about dethroning Armstrong... ALWAYS...