Monday, October 1, 2012

Oktober, the eighth Roman month... Fall sprung...

Although the Halloween stuff is hanging around, the weather has been delaying the true Fall, but then as I buried the plant food for next year I noticed a couple of branches of change worth sharing, for their beauty.

I found a couple of great depressing videos on You Tube, won't link, but they are out there. Since the new World Order isn't trying to be defined or exposed - they only want to be in control. I won't attempt to frighten you in to futile resistance. I just continue to encourage your breaking free of the chains, and the fool Change, independent humans are totally expendable if you depend on slaves for your sustenance.

 Above : Fall in reds
There are many things I find worth being part of -- a loving relationship, a lot of loving relationships, organizations that do good things for the best of reasons, and expending your courage as well as your love. Those like muscle tissue only get stronger with use... not abuse.

To the right: Fall in green to yellows.

Don't forget the celebrations of November and December:

Election of 6 November, Thanksgiving that they didn't pick you for any of the thankless tasks, Christmas for knowing that real Saviors come into the world with only the angels singing and shepherds on watch. Now I know that being giving people you are going to expend your best in celebrations for those that you love and that love you... just remember it isn't only on a few days of the year you must make bankers and merchants and experts enriched by your commerce. And hugs and hand holding keeps one warm longer than some heat pad.  

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  1. I didn't list Veterans Day as a celebration, it is a national holiday to make a three day weekend for shopping frenzy, but then I celebrate being a veteran daily. I know, I served, I paid and I respect all those others that do so with me and against me. Yes, if they are still alive we are the veterans. Fewer of us every year... for many reasons only some aren't sad.