Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I still haven't forgiven America and its leaders for Vietnam...

Long ago, probably in Vietnam I forgave the godless communists for trying so hard to kill me - that was part of the war, very like what I had found in Korea and later Iraq.
They were just the otherside, the enemy and would get over it. The clock would run out, the game over, the score tallied and victory declared. I visit the Wall in Washington, DC to remember it wasn't worth the price. Have you read every name on that wall? I always think Presidents should be required to read them aloud before they launch the next attack against some other nation in error. I am sure they would have someone else do it for them. I do think that fighting a war to unite Vietnam under a representative government of their making with a capitalistic economic system of their choosing would have been worth it. But that is part of the blame, because that wasn't the goal, nor my mission.

Being a student of History, being betrayed by Kings and causes is not new, or even only my problem, nor my only problem. So, I was really happy to have stayed in uniform and doing it right in the first Gulf War. But then watched the reaction to 9/11 and two more phoole campaigns to re-wright the world as we want it. I said then that a police response was what was required, not a war against a nation or a terror. Since you are all glued to defeating the Taliban, which most of us didn't know existed before then, and make Afghanistan a wonderful place it wasn't designed to be by God - well, I expect a failure in policy. Not a good business model, it is based on Vietnam, again. Without the draft and poor military tactics, operations and strategy. It is not those serving in uniform that are the problem, unless they spent too much time in Washington, DC and have no real world experience.

I am smart enough to know that John Wayne wore that bracelet for the rest of his life, it was on his wrist in the Shootist, I can't tell you where mine is, it was with me in the picture. I shouldn't wear it around my soul, should I?

I should get over it, especially, since most of the country doesn't get it. Therefore, it never happened and if I am still bothered by that, there are programs with professionals for me. And if it works the media would appreciate an opportunity to proclaim it proudly for commercial reward.

I will continue to take the medicine my father did, you just can't really share those burdens and scars, just know that you couldn't stop your children from their lives lived in futile efforts to make some people feel safe from the evil intentions of  bad men in other worlds.

The best part is one day seeing that what you did was worth it, although often for none of the reasons that your silly leaders had sent you into the fray or fury for. But God does move in mysterious ways. There are Vietnamese I have worked with here in America, if we accepted them better, like all those that come to America for reasons we think we understand, they will make our nation stronger - but we will have to get much smarter. Could happen.

I will go off to pick up my visiting sister at the airport today. Remembering that we are still suffering from the phooles in Washington, DC.  If I were really afraid I would carry a gun, but then those same phooles think that would be dangerous. My whole way of life has barriers in it, that make me unable to be at the place where she will exit the airplane. Our father flew for joy and his living, we know not to get near propellers or jet exhaust and wait for the plane to shut down, and the door or ramp to open. So, for whatever the reasons the terrorists attacked the United States, we are still in the posture of surrender to their will and intent. We are not standing with a foot upon their rapidly cooling body, posing for pictures we won't show anyone not our best friend back home after the fight is over.

So, remembering that London under the blitz, never really closed down, but the entire United States was grounded and closed to flight of any except the President's friends and military services. I will have to seek more forgiveness for the nation that cares too much, and is still so frightened. Where are those bold missionaries and pioneers so sure of their righteousness and mission to convert the wilderness, to tame the savage land and create the United States of America? If it is true that England has disarmed its citizens then maybe it just takes longer to surrender to one's fears?

Well, I grow old and useless, and even blogging isn't cool, so my problems with my American experiences will not affect the course of future fine folks. I should forgive those that know not what they do, my Lord did. Then again, Americans still don't understand what it was that drove people to attack us, it was their fear that their homelands were going to surrender to our unholy domination, do y'all? I must rely upon the Lord much more, myself and my representatives much less - for we hardly know what we do. Amen.


  1. Amen, and Earl, the following generations DO need to hear from us, what we experienced, and our perceptions! Otherwise they will never get the truth!