Sunday, July 22, 2012

I like to think I do well speaking in church

Mostly because I am a quiet loner, and I don't want to bother others, and I like firearms and shooting... all those things that just aren't right. The many prayers and subjects of discussion were of God's love and our purpose and what we must do for His Glory. Regular reinforcement of better behavior through Bible Thumpin'. There were several special moments of prayers for the fallen, the lost and I added Mayor Bloomberg that wants to saddle the entire nation with New Yorks' version of Constitutional avoidance and their success story in low murder rates, suicide and accidental deaths. I always would have prayer for the shooter of the innocent, he also needs saved. At least he doesn't have to watch television coverage of his stupidity.

I am sure that nothing I have said today will take any pain away, support the People, the Constitution, or the government goodness. But two conversations stuck in my mind, one with a younger fellow that was Famous, and now I know his name - he is even more Famous - leads some Christian cell group, plays a bass (I believe) and husband and father of two daughters. Anyway, when I mentioned that I was going to pray for the end of television he responded that they had canceled their cable - because Disney wasn't family oriented any longer, and many other instances where Satan is in charge of the box. He didn't say it was Satan's box, but immediately understood the term.

Another older (like me, much older) man and I talked about what was wrong with America and what happened in the midnight movie madness  -- he listened and we discussed that in the America that we had thought we were growing up in when we were young, that would not have happened. People would have done more to stop it. My recommendation of mobbing the monster isn't going to be quickly accepted, but just the front two rows of patrons could have made a major difference in suppressing his fire and affect on the audience. Have to be willing to die to kill the shooter. My basic qualification for becoming a leader that I would follow, someone willing to take the bullets so we could take out the machine gun position. Tough call, tough job and you can't buy that. We really have become victims of the Politically Correct Bullies that haunt the elite and the media telling us how 'they' are only correct and get the experts to handle it.


  1. Permit us to share Joseph-Dolores Poliakon’s View on your “Earl’s View” Blog.

    RE: “…what was wrong with America…what happened in the midnight movie madness…in the America that we had thought we were growing up in when we were young, that would not have happened. People would have done more to stop it.” Coincidently, we had a good homily preached to the gathered flock at church this past Sunday. It talked to your “…what’s wrong with America…”. It was all about what has happened to “TRUTH” in our American culture over the decades since WWII, the ‘40s, 50s and early ’60.

    Back in the America in which most of us in the Elder Class grew up, “TRUTH” was Black & White, not Shades Of Gray. Back then, there was ONE TRUTH (Judeo-Christian Based “Truth”) for all. Each person was judged and measured against this same “TRUTH” reference, and they either made the cut or they did not. Fast-forward to Y2K and beyond. “TRUTH” for the youth born in and raised the progressive, permissive culture of late 20th Century, post-Y2K 21st Century is “situational” and “individual.” They each have and formulate their own “TRUTH.” Therein lays the rub. This fellow over here’s “TRUTH” is not necessarily the same “TRUTH” of that fellow over there.

    Part of “…what’s wrong with America…” is that, in the majority, we have become a Nation Of Mama’s Boys who choose to be led by a Mama’s Boy-In-Chief who makes apologetic excuses for the “TRUTH” of America’s Greatness.

    In a Nanny State being populated with boys born from too many husband-less, unmarried, over-protective working Mothers whom, in concert with nursery school-early childcare, are raising legions of “Mama’ Boys.” In such a “Father Not Present” environment, developing a healthy relationship with and respect for “GUNS” is probably not considered by dear Mom to be one of the boxes to be checked off in the Rites Of Passage to Manhood for today’s young males.

    I wish you much luck with your effort to bring Rifle Clubs back into Junior High Schools. You have your work cut out for you. Public Schools, which are administered and staffed by liberal teachers, and operated using “Politically Correct” guidelines, will be a hard nut for you to crack in trying to establish Junior High Rifle Clubs in them. Besides the school principal, the teachers and NEA, the school district lawyer, and the school board, will collectedly probably shoot down your Rifle Club proposal.

  2. There is only one elite, the ones that know they are better than everyone else. Both parties, most religious organizations, military organizations, business associations, and other groups that form to become better'n us'ns. Now I will have to go look that word up. But I am wondering why my sister doesn't recognize elite.

  3. Not the type type:

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