Saturday, November 21, 2020

Watching the death of the ideal of Goodness in America, reminds me of the former Prince Harry...

  I have always admired the young Prince, second son not having a bad life do feel sorry so much attention was paid to him for so very long. Hard to be growing without making poor choices and bad friends but he will be fine. I liked the way he wore his pistol his second combat posting. And as a young man once told me, live in the neighborhood, date and everything, you never know her til you get married.  I am sure his bride was full of surprises, just as his life and responsibilities were to her. Marriage is like that for many of us with expectations and cultural differences. I am sure the weak link in their marriage is her, but I could be biased. I will allow you to make your own mind up, most of us have our own experience in marriage, none are the same. Her American princess is the flaw but she could grow out of it. She is depending on what her circle of friends and supporters tell her and they haven't always been on her side (there is no evidence). I wish them the best.

     Our country and the cheating on the last election is the same. There is no evidence of the weakness in what happened in our nation, but what happened still exists - just like they could never find the evil Trump and could never admit what they never saw, the better folks are going to do the same.  More criminals more evil done for the best of reasons, more drugs, more fear, more anger, more stupidity not understood. The Amish will prosper. The Lords chosen will be punished as always promised, and only those people that read and study and follow the spirit in their lives will be well and at peace. That famed Soviet (Russian) author said it so well. You need to resist, you need to be true to God and His will. The nation will fall when you cannot find 10 righteous men. And it won't be pretty.

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  1. Excellent post, and can't disagree at all. I will stand, rather than take a knee. My oath has not expired, and will not until the day I die.