Saturday, October 3, 2020

So I have been listening to Chris Wallace trying to make militia and Proud Boys into something they may not be...

   More fool journalists are lazy like that?  I hope not. I do know what militia are, Proud Boys I have no idea. All I have heard is from media, and you know how they work. Most citizens want help or be left to do their best. Media as well as government want to send you in the correct directions. Their way. 

   Have been Face book exchanging with a younger cousin in New Zealand, a family man and FB hasn't sent us to our corners yet. We finally have come closest to agreement on politicians, ha, ha.  Although, I might not use his colorful language I understood immediately. Still. I am concerned about the term "Leader of the Free World" that is media label. No one votes for any such person in America, media uses it to curry favor with the elite. What is wrong with President? Too common? John Hancock was a President, of  a Continental Congress, that could be why he was a little more special when he signed first and large.

    As much as I pray the President and all are well under the suffering of Covid-19 and recover well and soon, I am not concerned that with him the world falls, democracy falls, the Republic that he serves is done. I continue to be concerned that the People get to that deplorable condition of LOST. Unable to take care of problems, friends, family, community, nation. Because they aren't aware or are lied to. That is of concern. 

    I will go back into my security, and read some more good books, combat fiction or historical romance and drama. I sould read the Iliad again. shouldn't I? Take care out there.

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  1. Wallace showed his true 'colors' in the debate. He's firmly in the TDS camp. And yes, making much ado about nothing...