Thursday, June 25, 2020

Was thinking of starting a new blog... but why?

   I want to write again, not post on Face Book, or just roll on about whatever I did on this blog - gun stuff mostly, and what was going on in my life, which is fine for me but not to others. Will have to add 'Keep your finger off the trigger' to the title. And then change the remainder of the blog theme as I wander around discussing stuff.

   25 June the day godless Korean Communists made a military invasion into the southern region of the Korean peninsula, it was a loud demonstration to establish Kim as fearless leader. Seventy years years ago. My future wife was seven. Her brother had a friend with Marxist leanings that joined the victorius demonstrators and never returned after he headed north with the invaders. Her family figured the Commies killed him, don't know for sure. Letters and messages were suspect by both sides for many generations after.   Yeah, civil war isn't. And the war's title is picked by history.

   My family, extended, has had much to do with Korea. I think it has all been good.


  1. We're familiar with this one, why change it? And yes, different perspectives and the ability to talk about it are good!

  2. I agree with Old NFO, no need to change blogs, all topics are interesting.