Thursday, February 13, 2020

So what wakes me up in the night? a dream...

"I woke at 2;30, from a dream of parking my bicycle in a rack, looking up and seeing WlaP, tired and harried, telling me he had messaged me and I had't answered.That was when I woke up to ponder and get a glass of warm milk to help me sleep. Now I am only lightly interested in the NRA leadership, the organization is so far off of the track it will really take heavy lifting to get back in the shooting activity lines and training and the best gun folks on the planet. A lot of heavy lifting. There are real experts out there struggling to ignore that fake beacon about 'political power' and gratitude ahead that lays everywhere around the swamp. Floating endlessly around DC, just more swamp gas. I am taking this and expanding it on my blog... don't follow - only my dream started by other stuff in my life. Keep up the good work, all the heavy lifting. Our country and our passions and Rights all need our attention, but I have little left and will have to use it where gentle old men Do Not Need to be reminded of the danger of not living under the rules. Implied threats against open speech (free speech) seem to be all the rage now. I will go back to basics and leave y'all alone."

I left the above paragraph (?) on a comment string on Friends of the Second group on Facebook. Seems like I can't write to please others, I based my not getting a distinguished award in my military career on the fact I spoke freely too often and always when not wanted, so 'they' got me back. Poor CSM Underwood, we had shared the same special quarters in Korea and talked but he thought I respected his judgement and advice because of his position and title. The poor man had to wonder why I listened but not well. Respect is tough when you might not be right, or living really wrong in my face. My problem not the young CSM's.

So, we all know I have never nor expect that Wayne would message me, and I am not sure of the Wayne's on my Facebook Friends would expect better behavior, we went to high school together apart once. And I was a little bit different then too. Not enough to not be accepted as human, which seems a society reaction now on social media (unsocial more often than not)


  1. Yep, many of us are NOT good at not telling the truth when lives are on the line. And we pay for it...

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