Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Unpacked and cleaned up the Caravan...

   Washed all the clothes, repaired the demonstration rifle I always bring for demos. Looking at a better mounting of the laser pointer, although that laser bore sighter doesn't look too expensive. I did like it that Will had one we could borrow. Stepping right up, Will!

   So my final Appleseed of the year 2016, is in the history books. I had signed up for only one day, thinking that I had to get back for Sunday school, then the church decided to have combined service for Thanksgiving on the 20th, and that eliminated all Sunday schools. Okay, I get one more day on the range.

   The wind was interesting, the rain not very testing, but the threat was always there. All instruction given, there were some repeat Appleseeders in the line, good for them, and there were brand new to shooting to listen and learn. What didn't seem to happen was converting what we instructed to improved performance in target engagement.... our bad. But the foundation is laid, and will get filled in with study, dry practice and study. See you all on the range again, in another Appleseed event.

   Nice meeting you Frankie, I like the M1 carbine better after seeing you trying to master it. My father brought one back to the Continental United States, because he saw its potential in WWII in the Pacific, but then the idea of getting home and getting back into civilian (read 'real life') life loomed and he dropped it off in the amnesty box, because. You did better with the AR, but really, it will always be the shooter not the rifle that makes the difference.

   Rebekah, thanks for coming and trying all the positions, so remember next time, you can shoot all you want from whatever works. And I hope you get free of the pains.

   Curtis, lots of work on positions, six steps of the shot and NPOA, when the shot is right, squeeze and follow through... practice without bullets. They only add distraction.

   The two flankers, Will and Eric, sorry you were on a hillside, but that does happen sometimes. Eric practice both sides, a little more two eyes open pistol and shotgun practice. But you are left handed, shoot that way, practice both ways but always all six steps to make the shot, every shot.  Make everyone of them count.

  Trevor and Jerry, thanks for coming and trying to catch all that we offered.  More practice and more relaxing into your position (gravity rules) and your sling.

   Steve Cz, you will do better and better, you have a great attitude.  Movses you were working hard to do everything we taught, more practice and study and come on back, it really does work after a bit.

   Karl, thank you for the day you spent with us, come on back and thank you for the email that was posted to the AAR by Kimber Custom.  It does mean so much when our shooters speak up, write about the program and think that they will be better prepared next time.

   Robert, outstanding shooting, don't you think you are sandbagging now? There is an orange cap waiting for you.  Read Paul Revere's Ride and get excited about Liberty. America would only be Canada without it.. not that Canada isn't a fine country, but they aren't the same.

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