Friday, October 14, 2016

So I have have a solution to the gun violence...

  Really, I do have the solution, not that I expect the ruling elite to like it or to adopt it, but it would work real fast.

  Part of the problem is that people of color, or some kind of minor group of folks is judged as not able to care for themselves.  They could be slaves, they could be poor, they could be gender neutered. For sure they aren't of the rest of us... unless you believe that 'all men are created equal' which for some strange reason the government doesn't believe.

  So quick go to Cook County and Chicago, they have decided that disarming their citizens is the only way to ensure that no one gets killed by firearm. Well, that really hasn't worked. So I suggest that we try what the 2nd amendment and the gun control folks want.  A back ground check for all the citizens that want to keep and bear arms, the training of such citizens that pass the back ground check by certified instructors working for the State or County or City, having passed the qualifications they then be issued a firearm (I recommend a pistol) ammunition for the same, a lock box to store it in when they are asleep, and an appointment at a range to requalify quarterly and be issued more ammunition. The murder rate will fall and the community can get tight with the police, when it stops treating folks as a threat to their lives. 


  1. Amen to that Earl! THAT solution would work, because the bad guys would be in fear for THEIR lives for a change...

    1. Unfortunately, the truth is not able to cut through the media's Wild West, of dime novels and penny dreadfuls, nor the traditional Westerns, which had only a little to do with the real West.

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