Friday, August 26, 2016

Okay I am dressed now....

  Woke early, made coffee and weighed and measured and took my pills, the day has started. Yesterday was similar but I was driving in support of my wife, so it went her way and saw a whole different world than my normal, since it was like I was pryed from my nest and everything seemed new and strange. None of it was, but it was freeing me from the media buzz that drowns out my normal boring life.

  I went straight to my doctor's post op appointment and passed with flying colors, hope all your experiences with medicine are as seamless as mine seem to be. Speaking of seamless, I stopped at the tailor shop wear I had ordered six name tapes for pick up today, and they had called twice yesterday about that order and had to leave messages. The order wasn't ready this morning, no joy, go back at 1630, I think they need a better English speaker at the counter, but then I suspect the shop has changed owners.

  I am watching Mama bird bathe in the bird bath, then the two new flyers show up to copy what they just saw.  Too cool, will have to put more water in the bath, this is the second nesting this year, looks like the birds have done well.

  I stopped at the YMCA (too early for me and my group) for coffee and a crumbly fat muffin. Then I drove away looking for whatever. I found the Tactical Tailor store, which has been there in that place for twelve years and is having a sale of 25% off on everything, thank you very much. Saves them some moving costs, since this store is closing to get into the factory floor space and open there. I purchased three items and their closing the store is the reduction in Middle East wars for American military.  And maybe the idea that no one will be needing militia, mall ninja nor just cool wannabee combat load stuff if Trump is elected... or something like that. 

   I have printed out and read the course of instruction for tomorrow's Appleseed event in Waitsburg, Washington. I am only doing one day, five hour drive each way but it will be good to work with the Eastern Washington and Idaho crew for that day.  The doctor said I could start exercising LIGHTLY on Monday - No POWER YOGA - take my time and don't test any limits, none. I guess he doesn't want to fix anymore of my problems.  I did say if he needed a recommendation I would write one.  But he didn't need one, has all the work he needs now.

  Well, I can go fill the bird bath and look for my missing desert web belt, I was just called by the English speaking employee at the tailor shop about my name tapes, second or third generation, most of America doesn't understand immigration --- most of America hasn't walked any miles outside of our comfort zones and safe spaces - and don't appreciate how ill mannered, thoughtless and cruel we can be in our arrogance -- of course if you do get outside of America - you will find a similar arrogance in other cultures and nations, but they don't pretend to be accepting.


  1. Glad you're back up and around! Enjoy the shoot, and TAKE IT EASY! :-)

    1. So confusing, no like button. I did take it easy.