Thursday, June 23, 2016

Making a killing, Business and politics of selling guns...

  An article in the New Yorker magazine, by Evan Osnos.  I listened to him on Fresh Aire (error?), the PBS show that is supposed to inform us that can't read... or some such thing.  I can read.

  I did like some of his points, saying that fear drives a lot of concealed carry and gun purchases -- I always tell my audience never do anything from fear, but no one listens to me much. I agree that fear does promote gun purchasing, every time Bloomberg or President Obama says something about the gun violence the public does seem to run out and get more guns and ammunition. I like to believe it is because the buyer knows that the government doesn't love them, won't be there to protect them. And then to add to the fear, the writer explains that most guns will increase the potential death by gun risk of everyone around the buyer... who is spreading fear?

  Here in the very drier West, there are forest fires and there are building fires and we fight fires, but I haven't seen the effort to get fire making devices under strict control of the government. Still arson is a crime, which will be prosecuted after the fact.

   Since my conclusions about the gun question are different than the writer's, should my words or his be censored, only one of us is correct?  But that would prohibit the freedom of the Press, and the link to the 2nd Amendment is so clear as to be funny, and ideas like ISIL and ISIS publish are killing more people in the name of a religion that seldom promotes violence any more than the Old Testament - and it is official policy to not censor the noise.

  The alarming amount of time spent by news media, entertainment media and game media spilling a lot of untruths about firearms, sex and what is cool - promote a lot of fear, and envy, and copycats.  You all need the truth and it will set you free.  Then go get your Concealed Carry Permit, get some solid training, and practice and then maybe a firearm because it can be a safe addition to your life and loves' protections.  



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