Saturday, May 28, 2016

Remembering is worth a day or even the weekend...

  Memorial Day weekend... and I remember Rim Dungey, whom I don't know, except he was about two years older than I, and died in Vietnam. So I remember him but y'all may know many others to remember for your own reasons, do so, say a little prayer for them.

I don't know if the links still work, will check them after I post. Bow tie makes me think it was a prom picture, or he was really that different than I am, although I have had a bow tie or two.

My wife is worried about my congestion and cough, but I am almost human again after two days down, so I will go easy and just remember that there was a Rim Dungey that never made it to retirement although he paid into Social Security. Take care out there, God loves you and we will try and remember you after you are gone.


  1. We all remember those we knew... Salut!

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