Thursday, March 3, 2016

Since we are confused and upset and not following the leaders....

  Day four without the YMCA and leaving the home, this cold is hanging on me and my wife gets better and feels free to rejoin society. She hid much longer, but she was much sicker. I refuse... and I can't find my keys since yesterday at the mailbox.

   So today, consider rebuilding the country and mainly, what is needed in a Federal government and what is not.  For the current one is going to collapse when stupidity can no longer be covered up by good intentions unpaid for, or that must be given at the point of a gun.

   No departments of Homeland Security, Education, EPA, BAFTE, Labor, Commerce, and the host of others too numerous to mention.... cause if you don't have contact with them what are they doing? Well, as much as they can to spend money, regulate what evers, and award favors.  And if you think about it, that is what people outside of politics do - so why do we need the government? To protect us, to have neutral courts for deciding conflicts and wrongs. Law enforcement should be local, and I would keep only the FBI for national and international. The Constitution is a well thought out document and has helped stabilize our nation for many years, but layers from lawyers and professional politicians have really gummed up the promises of Capitalism and smaller government. All to their temporary advantage...

  I guess if I were to be silly and make a small effort to make a better model, I would keep anyone from making political office permanent, the higher the office the shorter the time allowed to be associated with it.

  Oh, After several hours of fruitless searching I have found my keys - reminding me of the LORD looking for the lost at every level... but since I can't find my country, how hard it that going to be to find? Yes, it is already long lost... and we didn't notice it disappearing... someone will write history books about how communications and media changed reality... or spread the illusions.


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  1. The media IS spreading the illusions... sigh... And it's going to be interesting when the curtains come down (so to speak)...