Sunday, February 21, 2016

What happens when I don't vote for President? nothing, my vote for president isn't an elector vote...

   Want to make a difference, go talk and work for the difference - anyway that speaks to you as a person of concern about the future.  It will surely mean much more than following fools, listening to the media that knows you have no real mind, that is how they make their money - proving you don't really understand how you have been addled.  So the ass and the GOP don't really love you, nor your choice and they are going to be in charge, so do whatever you want it is still an opportunity to not vote for their choice. Always remembering that None of the Above is not a proper name so that person couldn't be a candidate and win all the positions.

   Thank you Jeb! for bowing out so well.  Now if the GOP would, but it isn't noble.

   Do understand it is all coming down, the 'they against us' only works if you are one of the us and not a they.... but as the elite media, money folks and politicians know... as soon as they labeled themselves as special, worthy and elite... they were no longer us. There is time left, to fix the country, the people, to solve the problems to hold everyone accountable.  But it won't sell, no one is running on it and neither party is answering the real need and moments.

   Just remember that not voting for the highest office in the land, makes just as much difference as voting for it, unless you are one of the Electoral College.  Do pay attention and enjoy your loves and life as long as you can, cause the government will be coming for you and it has failed so much and so many times, but it can't stop trying.

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