Thursday, February 4, 2016

Took the last blue pill today....

 And I saw no reason to refill the prescription for another bottle, so I didn't.  Life goes on, on Facebook there was some software to make you participate and go 'Ah!' for Friends Day.  Nice little application of fun stuff.  But "Hi, William" never works on telephone solicitations, used car salesmen, nor on Facebook fun... They think I am like all the others.

  As I sweated gently and pushed weigh around (mine and the machine's) at the YMCA yesterday I marveled at the heroic efforts of many of the patrons, there are tons of folks in recovery, or physical therapy, or just trying to remember how the feet need to roll with the walk as they hold on to the railing to keep from falling.

  My wife comes in to ask why her phone says that it can't make a connection - and I don't know, since it isn't my universe, if I were to guess she hasn't waited long enough for it to wake up, or the end of the world is just outside our door, or someone touched the machine to inhibit her happiness. But it wasn't me...

   I didn't do a hard workout yesterday, started feeling ill and so took a hot shower and went home early, and this morning, although I have packed and am dressed for attending the YMCA again, I don't think so... should we blame it on the election cycle, the total failure of government to get it right, this time since they didn't get it right the last time? No, I think it is just olde wearing on me.

  Which is in a way sad, but again it is the way the world works. I spent some quality time, last night,  with the Awana, nothing holding back joy in playing with the children. I was teased by a five year old seeing if he could move faster than I could turn to look. And we don't even know each others name, but I tickled him behind me and he ran away laughing.  Then off to study Bible Verses and be tested by an adult on their memory and understanding. Only pretty smart third grade girls in our group, but now I know where the young ladies that charmed my coffee time as they ate seaweed soup came from, they have much better pay attention skills than I do.

  Am really thinking hard about that ride to the Class Reunion in Ligonier, PA.  It will probably be my final fling at adventurous glories in my own mind.  A good number of folks have said they would like to meet on my route, imagine, meeting real people and sharing a meal and time... like it was in the good old days.  I have to do much better planning about how long it takes to cross country, even my sleeping on the benches at the rest stops won't get me faster than sixty miles per hour when riding, just lots more hours of a day on the Trusty Triumph and down the road. Will have to find a mapping program to share as the planning unfolds, I did get the H-D Ride Atlas out.

   Idaho, South Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana/Ohio, the rest of Ohio, Pennsylvania, maybe New York and Ticonderoga if they change governors, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama Arkansas, North Texas, Colorado and then streaking for home maybe stopping in rest of Idaho for a bit... whew! That should eat up a lot of August.  Remembering that pictures of me only work if I have given you time for a shot, and here are two from my 2010 trip.
   Take the time, talk and share, for people you could love a little more won't always be there, and there are so many really wonderful ones awaiting us all in the hereafter, but I don't know if they allow motorcycling in the Heavens, only Ghost riders in the Sky....

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  1. Time and sharing... Two GOOD takeaways, we can all learn to do better!