Friday, January 1, 2016

Well, 2016 - so Happy New Year! May God bless it greatly...

But, couldn't it have started on a Monday? Since it is Friday I had to get all the garbage out to the curb, started the dishwasher and colored laundry.  The frozen grass crunched beneath my shoes as I tracked around the yard, the cold clear sky had nothing flying in it, I looked.

I had intended to go shoot this morning, in honor of my reading of the document, but will look into shooting tomorrow at Range 15 of JBLM. I have bills to pay today, and mail, and the YMCA doesn't work without me, and since it is a New Year and we already have two documents for the 2015 tax filing, I expect I will owe nothing again.

Quiet celebration last night, finished off that bottle of wine, in the trash this morning, we didn't stay up until Hawaii celebrated the New Year, just too late. I sat and watched young people at the Space Needle, and complained that the director had too many cameras, had little idea of lasting (seven minute) fireworks against the downtown skyline, it could have been perfect, but they kept trying to catch something cool... and missing the moments, missing all the moments.

Don't y'all miss any moments there aren't enough for us as it is, smile more, share and see you next time on the range.


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    1. I answer Facebook quicker, but so many fewer words worth, and the commercial interuptions are becoming excessive, but I do wish y'all a most wonderful New Year and all the good things so unexpectedly wonderful.

  2. Happy New Year Earl - may this coming year be full of joyful adventure.

    1. Joyful adventure is mostly about the old fellow talking to young folks with lots of energy and spirit, I do love that, but then I do like children and the future they could have. Thanks for the good wishes and may all our adventures be worthy of our ability and limitless love.

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