Saturday, January 23, 2016

The weekend without the snow in the Great NorthWest

  I went to the YMCA, rowing and upper body weight machine circuit, since I hadn't visited the Y the day before. I don't go on Sunday.  After some good conversations, I showered and drove off to the Range, to fire my pistols.  Feeding the Browning Challenger II with Winchester bullets instead of Remington seemed to help, many more rounds will also, and I do need to mark the sights with white or quit shooting at black targets. Since there were two other shooters to my right I was very happy with the target engagement and I was flinging brass at the nearest, especially when I was firing rapidly. The Walther P22 had not a problem. More work on trigger control is called for, especially when I finally get all the other bad habits out of the way.

The top target is the Walther P22 and the bottom target is the Browning Challenger II, the trigger control for both, lighter sights for the second and always more practice. Distance is about 7 meters.
Hot dogs and beans for lunch at home, still trying to warm up, since shooting in rain after working out doesn't seem to do much except accept the chill all the way to the bones.


  1. It's all about trigger press... Rifle or pistol... :-)

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